No Trespassers? Yeah, My Ass..

archangel gabriele;; i'm here for your entertainment.

➻☠Gabriele is in an indefinite sleep until he and I can find the want to be here again..

sometimes this blog and its rps can be nsfw!! consider yourself warned! not all nsfw material will be under a 'read more' tag and i wont care if you complain.. i've warned you.
mun is 24 years of age.

➻ skype id is: archangel.gabriele
➻ snapchat: angel.gabriele

current m!a: n/a.

this is an independent oc, multiverse and multi-ship, rp blog. i will never turn away anyone who wants to start up a story. so don't be afraid to ask! ♥
i do not do greeter posts, but that does not mean i will not do a starter if you ask for one.
*absolutely none of the images and gifs posted/used are mine unless stated otherwise. all creative rights go to those they belong to.*
If you're looking for some really awesome adam lambert photo edits, you should totally check out nicolejadejonas / nicolejadeglambert

➻ i do track the tag: archangelgabriele

wait 'til you get a load of me..
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Fuckin’ finally… -________-;

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