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archangel gabriele;; you thought an angel swept you off your feet.
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kyoustorm asked:
Win my character's heart with one sentence? Damen looked up at Gabriele. He took his hand gently and placed it over his heart as he looked up into his angels eyes. "Gabriele... You're the only one who can melt the ice in my heart."

                          ➺ Gabriele watched, with momentary confusion, while Damen took his hand and placed it over his heart. He could feel it beat beneath his fingertips, a realization which made the celestial purr. Though, with the young demon’s words, his gaze fell. It wasn’t that he doubted the boy.. The Archangel bit the inside of his cheek before his blue eyes were once again lifted to meet the other’s face. “Am I..?” He asked softly.

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                          ➺ With a deep yawn, he tossed his blazer aside as soon as he walked through his door and didn’t necessarily care if it made it to the couch or fell to the floor. Gabriele headed straight for his kitchen, his stomach craving for something sweet.. 

Win my character’s heart with one sentence?

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//off work. Just stopped to see the boy at his job and then I’ll be home to play for a little bit.

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“Loving me is asking for disaster." — six words; forty-seven. (via the-doctor-infinitum)
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adam’s music videos ☛ better than i know myself

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Character development time! Give me some interesting questions about my character and I will answer.

Put “Oi you!” in my ask box if you have ever wanted to RP with my muse

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