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                     ↬✉Wednesday, April 23. 9:45pm.✉↫

Not that sleeping was a familiar past time for him, but Gabriele could tell he was waking up. He could actually feel that softness of the mattress that he lay on.. smell the softener of the sheets he was snugged against. He could start to hear the sounds that surrounded him.. 

He didn’t want to wake.. not yet.. Being able to shut his eyes with out being tortured was such a relief that he knew he would never have again.. 

The Archangel laid there still.. hoping that perhaps if he simply tried to convince himself that he was still sleeping that he would drift back.. Though the more his mind became active, the louder his surroundings seemed.. which meant his hopes of sleeping any further were thrown out the window. 

Though he did not want it, Gabriele’s eyes fluttered open slightly enough. It took a moment for his sight to adjust but once he could see clearly he peaked around as discretely as he could. 

He turned his face and yawned into his pillow, stretching his still exhausted body in an attempt to bring life back to his sleeping limbs. Rolling over onto his side, he fumbled for his phone- wondering just how long he’d been out for..

Couldn’t even last longer than a week.. 

With a sigh he laid there a little longer before finally forcing his body to move; sitting up and shifting over to the side of the bed.. He still felt quite out of it.. Like he did the very morning he decided he would force himself into this temporary coma. There would be no way for him to repeat this.. the potion he used, he drank the entire thing.. 

Gabriele rubbed his eyes and felt defeated, wondering who he would have to talk to in order to find, or make, another sleep potion. He slipped carefully off of his bed, taking a moment to find his balance, before he slowly moved to the washroom. 

Perhaps a nice shower would wake him up more.. 


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Please make sure to give credit for this image to ✗_нearтвreaкer.

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