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                ➵ Wednesday. April 16th. 11am. 

Gabriele sat by one of the large windows, absentmindedly staring out as if there were something that had caught his interest. He had been wrapped in his thoughts all morning and it was beginning to feel like one of those days where no amount of coffee was going to be able to keep him focused enough. 

He had been quite tired as of late.. The usual nightmares seemed to have amped up their horrors, keeping the Archangel awake much longer than he had been used to. 

Turning his gaze away from the window, he looked down into his coffee mug. This had been his fifth cup for the morning already and he hadn’t even felt the smallest surge of energy. Loosing a sigh, he took another sip. He doubted he’d be able to handle another morning like this..

After thinking for a moment an idea struck him. One of those ideas he gets where it probably would be wise to have discussed with those closest and dearest to him first. With one last sip from his cup, Gabriele rose from his seat and moved across the room to one of the cabinets in the kitchen. He didn’t often like to keep things like this so out in the open, should anyone find it by mistake, but he felt it was secure enough so that no one else would discover it. 

He pushed aside a rather large mason jar, a supply of holy water that he kept for emergency purposes, and reached to the far back of the cabinet for a little bottle. 

It wasn’t often that he would tamper with potions, especially not ones made by his sister. But, these nights of no sleep and these half-dead mornings were about near to driving him mad. Holding the bottle in his hand he debated on this choice a moment— not sure whether or not he should trust it. 

The worst that could happen would just be a very long nap.. 
So, with that in mind, the Archangel shrugged and poured himself a glass of water before pouring in the contents of the bottle. 

Gabriele sipped from his glass while he walked to his bedroom, figuring it would probably be a smart idea to be in bed for when he fell asleep instead of in the middle of the room. 

Once his glass was finished he set it down on the small table beside his bed and curled himself up in his sheets, now just waiting for the sleep to take over. 

                                                      ℕo sleep,
                                                 ℕo nightmares.

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